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    Applying changes in prj-Folder to qvw on Server

    Edgar Kech

      Just a little integration problem:


      • we are using SVN to version our QV-apps - not the "integrated" functions in QV, but the prj-folders with its xml-files because "manual" SVN offers a lot more functionality than the rudimentary functions in QV
      • our developers manually commit the prj-folder to the repository
      • a nightly job on our server pulls the a specific revision of the whole prj-folder from the SVN repository (current for testing, latest stable for production)
      • The QV-server should perform a reload with current production data and distribute the app to the users, so that in the morning they can work/test/validate the applications with current production data.


      Because the qvb.exe-process doesn't apply the contents of a prj-folder to a qvw we have worked around this problem by creatign a little helper app which opens the app via macro, hereby applies all the changes from the prj-folder reduces and saves it. After this the "normal" reload job does the reload and distributes the app to the users. Problem is now that this helper app now consumes a named CAL because it opens the real app (but only for some seconds) on the server.


      Is there another way to get around this problem (with SVN and without consuming a CAL)? And does anyone know if there is a feature request for qvb.exe to apply contents from the prj-folder to the qvw-files? (@Qliktech: if not, please think of qvb.exe to not ignore the contents of a prj-folder...)




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          Hi Edgar,


          Unfortunatelly I don't have an anwser for you but I am encountering the same issue as per loading the .qvw from the -prj folder automatically from script.


          Would you be open to sharing your solution for solving this problem?

          I am able to create and open the .qvw but not reducing it and saving it. I am not a Windows guy so I could be missing something easy to do.


          Thanks a lot,


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            HI Edgar ,

                            As per my knowledge i can suggest you to use VB Script Batch file .

            By this Batch file you can open the Qlikview document and then Save it to reflect the changes which are checked in via SVN .


            So you have to write some code in VB language in the batch file .

            There is no need to run macro via another app .


            Please let me know if there is anything .



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                Hi Yusuf,


                I am new to programming in VB.

                I am trying to create a vbs that would load the data from a -prj folder into the corresponding .qvw file.


                I found out about VB functions that allow me to open up a .qvw after creating it and then saving it and finally closing it:


                Set Qv = CreateObject("QlikTech.QlikView")

                Qv.Launch qvPath, qvwFile

                Set docObj = qv.OpenDoc(qvwFile)




                --> where qvPath is pointing to my QlikView.exe and qvwFile poiting to my .qvw script.


                I am not sure about where these functions are coming from and what would be the list of functions I could use to do further operations on my .qvw scrips through vbs.


                When I execute a similar script to the one above I am having a couple of issues:

                • Qlikview opens up 2 windows: one with the start page and one with the content of my .qvw.
                • docObj.Save opens up a prompt to save and overwrite the current .qvw. The prompt is a problem as my goal here is to automate this process and not have a user click on save to confirm.


                Would you happen to know what is happening when executig this script and what is to be done in order to make it work?


                Thanks a lot,


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                    HI ,

                          Can you please try the below code


                    Set Qv = CreateObject("QlikTech.QlikView")

                    Qv.Launch qvPath  /r , qvwFile





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                        Thanks Yusuf for your anwser! Sorry for anwsering with such a delay.


                        What I have done in my VB script is the following (this is only a part of it):


                        Set Qv = CreateObject("QlikTech.QlikView")


                        'Creating empty qvwFile

                        Set docObj = Qv.CreateDoc

                        docObj.SaveAs qvwFile



                        ' Loading the created qvw with the -prj content

                        Set docObj2 = Qv.OpenDoc(qvwFile)




                        This works very well when logged on directly to the Windows server machine or when connected through RDP to this server.


                        However I would like to integrate my script in Jenkins (http://jenkins-ci.org/) and be able to run it on the Windows machine which is a slave of Jenkins.


                        The problem here is that Jenkins uses a SSH connection to the Windows machine and the VB script requires Qlikview user interface in order to run the above piece of code.


                        Is there a way to add an option to the above piece of code in order to make it run as batch and not rely on UI? Or any other way to run Qlikview as batch and assemble the -prj folders to qvw exclusively in a batch way?


                        Thanks a lot,


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                    christian juillard

                    Hi Edgar,


                    would you have please a document that explain SVN versioning ?


                    best regards