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    Count grouped by date



      I'm trying to count number of "HayRolling" activities over a specific period, for instance per week.


      ActivityDateTimeStampYearWeek Number
      HayRolling14.09.2012 12:04:382012371
      HorsePlay14.09.2012 12:00:082012371
      HayRolling13.09.2012 15:35:172012372
      HayRolling14.09.2012 12:16:002012371



      So the HayRolling activities should be group and display 4 in this example. Currently the activities are grouped only if the timestamp is identical, as in the 3rd row. My expression:


      =Count({$<Activity={"HayRolling"}>} [Year]&[Week])



      How can I achieve this please?