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    Sum select list from list box

      Ok so what I'm trying to do is sum all values in a list box (100%) of values but only display the ones I have selected in the list box. The sum function I'm using works (sum(Discharges) / sum( total <DischargeYear,DischargeQuarter> Discharges) ) to show me the correct values in the graph, but when I only select 2 or 3 fields from the list box it changes the values in the graph and they become the 100%. How do i keep a sum of 100% but only select a few fields.





      yellow = 5

      blue = 20

      green =50


      red =15


      all will total 100% and I could put this in a graph, but the minute I select Yellow and green (to display in the graph)  I still want to see yellow is 5% and green is 50%, and not the new selected (yellow and green) having the values 90% and 10%.