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    Formatting the text color and format of an expression in a chart



      I am trying to format my expression so that if the date is > 45 days in the past it will display in red.


      Here is my expression:


      min( {1<KPI_No={1000000008} >} last_upd_dttm_latest )


      In the chart properties in the expressions tab I expanded the expression and went to text color.  I entered this:


      =if(min( {1<KPI_No={$(=vKPINo_MPFPurch)} >} last_upd_dttm_latest )-45, Red(), Black())


      The value is displaying red regardless if it meets the criteria.  In my example last_upd_dttm_latest = 3-sep-12 which means it shouldn’t be red.


      I’m also trying to format the text to be bold.  I’ve tried this in the text format section:


      =if(min( {1<KPI_No={$(=vKPINo_MPFPurch)} >} last_upd_dttm_latest )-45, '<b>')

      But I’m not having any luck with this.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.