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    Stacked bar chart don't use all data


      I have a strange issue with stacked bar chart. I have stock values from each month like this


      Item     Age                    Month      Stock     Value     Lasteve

      A          A.<30               201206     Stock1     10          1.6.2012

      B          A.<30               201206     Stock1     12          3.6.2012

      C         B.30-180           201206     Stock1     3            6.3.2012

      D          C.NoEvents     201206     Stock1     5,6         


      G          A.<30               201207     Stock1     5          1.7.2012

      C         B.30-180           201207     Stock1     3            6.3.2012

      D          C.NoEvents     201207     Stock1     5,6         


      A          A.<30               201208     Stock1     44          1.8.2012

      B          A.<30               201208     Stock1     54         3.8.2012

      C         B.30-180           201208     Stock1     3            6.3.2012

      D          C.NoEvents     201208     Stock1     5,6         


      I'm trying to display stacked bar chart dimensions Month and then Age with expression Sum(Value). For some reason it won't show the last age groups sum value and not in total either but if I remove Force 0 from Axes settings then it will show it ok but the layout isn't ok because it won't show the whole bar. You can see the problem below.


      Please can you help me to achive what I want.


      OK layout, wrong summary (missing the H. Noevents age)


      OK Summary value, wrong layout