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    Complex data table - possible


      I would like to make cumulative data table (Straight table or something) per month. I know this may be to comlex to achieve but if some guru will know I will be forever greatful


      I have monthly data per customers stored, fields: Month, Customer, Sales, WorkCost, PartCost and I would like to display this kind of static table (only customer and month selection will affect data):


                               201205     201206     201207     201208

      Sales               100               120          80               90

      WorkCost          30               45             20              25

      PartCost              40               60          90               20

      OtDirVarCost     2                    6          2                    9

      GrossMargin     10               15               17               20

      GM%                  20%          25%          24%          20%


      Where months displayed Maximum stored months and 3 months before that. Sales, WorkCosts and PartsCosts should be 4 months cumulative value for example in column 201206 should be seen sales, workcost and partcost summary from months 201203-201206 and in column 201208 from months 201205-201208. OtDirVar should be static percent of the column's sales and grossmargin and GM% will calculated based on other data in the same column.

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          Are you looking for something like this?



          if you can detail the formula for OtDirVarCost,GrossMargin and GM% it can also be achived.

          Attached sample QVW.

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              almost that but in the table all the figures need to be 4 months cumulative figures from that month which column is back.


              In the example below there's first the base table and next the one that I need. I made that one with 2 months cumulative values so that in the column 201208 & Sales it shows sales summary from months 201208 and 201207. Next one shows sales summary from months 201207 and 201206 and so on. Same with costs. OtDirVar is just then percent of the sales of that column and gross margins are calculated based on sales and cost data.



              So is this possible?


              And for the record I only have personal edition of qlikview at the moment so I can't open the example file you sent.

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                  You have 2 requirements:

                  1. Cummulate the sum of measures going back 4 Months

                  2. Show only the last 4 months


                  The issue #1 can be achived by sing a RangeSum in your expression:

                  Ex., =RangeSum(After(Sum(WorkCost),0,4))

                  [4 - above represents the last 4 values]


                  Issue #2 can be achived by using Rank Operator in your calcualted dimension:

                  Ex., = =If(Aggr(Rank(Aggr(Max(MonthName),MonthName),0,1),MonthName)<=4, MonthName, null)


                  The problem arrises when you want both togther.

                  Since you are cutting off 1 month (201204) as per your example above the values for this will not be considered while calculating for  201205.


                  below example os with 2 month aggregation as per your example:AvgValue3.jpg


                  If you remove constraint on the dimension you will get proper values for 201205.