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    Macro Query

    Chris Hopkins

      Hi All,


      My client has a macro that they have been running for the last 6months without any problems. Now they are looking to upgrade their user machines to windows 7 so they are running a few tests to check compatibility.

      They have encountered a problem where the macro no longer works. I have done some testing also and found the same result (doesnt work on Windows 7).


      The macro is to print the dashboard ...



      SUB PrintDashboard

             SET val=ActiveDocument.Fields("%KEY%").GETPOSSIBLEVALUES(100)
             FOR i = 0 to val.count-1            
                ActiveDocument.Fields("%KEY%").SELECT val.item(i).Text
      '         ActiveDocument.ActiveSheet.print 

      END SUB

      Allow unsafe macro's and allow macro execution are both 'Ticked' on the server.

      They are accessing through the IEPlugin, although i have also tested AJAX which didn't work either.

      They are running QV Server v 11

      The macro works if i open the QVW directly from the Qlikview client or Open in Server.