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    Calculated dimension if condition

    Marcelo Gittermann



      I have a table containing a list of partnumbers, supplier of that part number, to what store and the vendor partno which is different from ours.

      In this case two suppliers deliver three different partno but we sell it as the same. As you can see in the example below one supplier has two part numbers for our part no and we want to catch those errors.


      Partno     Store     Supplier     Sup.Partno

      1000             1               A              37

      1000             2               A              37

      1000             1               A              38

      1000             1               B              76


      i have a pivot table

      with the dimensions





      and the expression

      count(Sup.Partno) because i want to see how many occurences there are (=how many stores have that partno)



      In my pivot table i want to show only suppliers that have two partno for one of ours and not show the others.

      By checking out the community I thought that my dimension expression would work but it didn't and I would like some help.


      Dimension Supplier:

      aggr(if(count(distinct Sup.Partno)>1, Supplier, null()), Supplier)