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    Time duration

      I have something that is puzzling me a the moment.  I have data rows that have a start/arrival datetime and a finish/vacated datatime field.  I have extracted the difference in minutes between the 2 datatime stamps and have created a new field which is based on the start time hour and i also have a time band field which uses the hour from the start/arrived time and shows as 0 - 1, 1 - 2 etc....


      What i want to do is create a table/chart where i can see the total time between the time bands, i.e.


      0-1          183 min

      1-2          124 min

      2-3          210 min


      The problem i face is that i don't want to see all the time for that row against just the start/arrived hour dimension.  So if the total time between start/arrived and finished/vacated is 180 min and the start hour is 9 then i would like to see the time apportioned over the time periods 9 , 10 and 11.  so i would then see an acumulation of time over the seperate hour time periods -


      9 - 10          60 min

      10 - 11        60 min

      11 - 12        60 min


      rather than showing

      9 - 10          180 min


      Hope someone can point me in the right direction