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    Sheet Object Event Trigeer not working

    Marcos Joffily

      Hi all,

      I have bar charts and for each bar chart I have a corresponding pivot table - the reason I did that and not marked the Fast Type Change is because the dimensions in the bar chart have different order than the pivot table. I implemented this solution where, if I single-click on the minimized objects (on the top right corner of my screen it minimizes the bar chart at the same place where the minimized pivot table was and restore the pivot table at the same place where the bar chart was. The way I found was using Sheet Object Event Trigger (Sheet Properties>Triggers). For each object I created 2 Actions on Sheet Object Event Triggers On Activate. Action: Minimize Object, Object ID: X; Action: Restore Object, Object ID: Y. Then you do the reverse for the Object ID you minimized in the previous action


      It works perfectly in my local QlikView and works on the server when I use IE Plugin. But it DOESN'T work when using the default (crappy) AJAX Zero Footprint! That is so frustrating!!!


      I'm using Qlikview 10 SR3.


      Does anyone have any idea why it happens? It looks like a bug to me...