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    Show which values appeared in last year that don't appear this year

      Hi Guys,


      I've seen this before but can't figure out what it was or how to do it, that's when you smart folks come in I am reviewing our next financial years Q1 forecast and what I would like to see is if any of the budget holders forgot anything. One way of achieving this is to use last years actuals and see if any line item descriptions don't appear in their Q1 forecasts.


      The dimension I'm working with is


      • Fiscal Set - This will contain the structure I want to compare, so Q1FiscalSet and then say LastYearFiscalSet
      • Period - This for Q1


      The conditions that I want flagged in the values that should populate should be the following


      1. If there is a value in LastYearFiscalSet but not in Q1FiscalSet then highlight red
      2. If there is a value in Q1FiscalSet but not in LastYearFiscalSet then highlight green


      So the first dimension being the structure, should contain all the values that appear in Q1FiscalSet and LastYearFiscalSet


      Would i use set analysis where i remember seeing a syntax that allows you to view what doesn't exist in a selection or conditionally just concatenate the structure


      Hope you all understand and I haven't overly complicated the question



      Thanks in advance, I know you got this