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    Inverse the axis

      Hi All,


      I have a specific requirement to inverse the Y-Axis.Well let me explain my Point here..i have a chart where i have both +ve and -ve values along Y axis,which is shown as above and below of the 0(zero) respectivly.However,i want the -ve values to be in the above and +ve values to be below of 0.


      I do not know if it is possible or not.Would appreciate if any body can answer as soon as possible.


      Thanks & Regards,


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          Can you just multiply your values by -1?

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              Thanks for your response sebablum.

              If i multiply my value with -1,the value it self will be changed which i do not want rather what i want is,i just want all the positive value will be shown below 0 and all -ve value will be shown above 0.


              If i multily with -1 it will be a huge difference to what i want and what it will show..e.g;if some one is having money -20000 that means the person is having a loan of 20000 and if i multiply with -1 the person will have 20000 which contradicts the fact and gives me the wrong data.


              Hope i made my point above.

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                  Alexander Karlsson

                  I don't think there is a out of the box setting to do that, sorry.


                  Generally I try to avoid it since it can be pretty confusing depending on the chart audience. I try to stick to visually encoding the +ve/-ve values with color instead depending on the data to try to enforce the message. For financial data that sometimes is a bit tricky...


                  In the attached sample is a small hack to atleast represent the data points as you want them and a graph describing what I was talking about above.