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    override dimension partly?? or is there another way?

    Anita Fuchten

      Hi all,

      In the dimension I have a list of serial numbers with status <> 'Booked'. (Since I only want to see the serial numbers which have open records).

      In the expression I need to count all previous records and the current record for this serialnumber list ... so I want to overrule the dimension partly to retrieve also the records for the count with status = 'Booked'.

      I tried this with set analysis by setting {<Status = >} but this did not the trick.

      Now I wonder if there is any way to overrule this Status which is used in the dimension??


      I did also try it otherwise so all serialnumbers are in the dimension ... to retrieve the last ordernumber for the serialnumber, this works but now I also have all serialnumbers which I don't need to see (the ordernumber is empty for those) ... Could it be a solution to use the selection for the expressions to be null to filter out the serialnumbers in the dimension??


      Hope someone can help me finding a clue ...