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    Just Upgraded to QV 11 Server

      Two questions:

      1) After upgrading, using the Service Pack 1 (SR1) downloadable version, I only then read an article that suggested that it was buggy and the initial version should be used instead (it was written back in March). So I'm wondering if this is still true?! I couldn't find anything to suggest otherwise.


      2) The new Access Point has left the launch link disabled (it looks active, but doesn't engage unless the '+' is clicked and IE is specifically clicked), if only IE is an option and not Ajax (those with IE and Ajax as options engage just fine). I see in the System tab of Management Console something about Ajax in the Fll Browser and Small Device Version, but not sure what that implies.


      3) And, the new Close (X) option displayed in the browser (that changes to Restore (X) when clicked) doesn't seem to really close out and return to Access Point.  Should it?


      Thank you, JPT

        • Re: Just Upgraded to QV 11 Server
          Rob Wunderlich

          1) SR1 does have some issues, but I would recommend SR1 over the Initial Release.


          2) The launch link is active if the document is allowed to be used with the defaul client. Sounds like your default client is set to Ajax. You can change the default client on a per user basis in AP by selecting the "Favorites & Profile" link in the upper right of the AP page. You can set the default client for new users in the QEMC System, Qlikview Web Servers, AccessPoint pane.


          3) Yes, the close button os working as designed. I think if you search the forum you'll find an extension someone has coded to return to AP on close.