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    Running total for a very large number of rows



      I am doing some analysis of some search logs, where the number of unique terms is very large (i.e. approx 150,000 over a single day). I'd like to be able to display a table containing the term, the number of times it was entered (sorted in descending order), and the running total of the % of the total queries. e.g.


      term     total         running %

      cat      23,122         1.21

      dog      20,000         2.45

      fish     10,000         2.54

      rabbit   10,000         3.32


      hippo       345         99.43

      monkey       12        100.00


      This is so we can see that say the top 20 queries (although individually high) only account for say 10% of the total queries.


      I have no problem with the expression to get the running % (using rangesum() and above()), and it works fine on a small set of data (50 terms). However, when it is ramped up to a significant number of terms (e.g. 150,000), qlikview just displays the 'calculating' view for the table and never finishes (I have to kill qlikview).


      I am being unreasonable to expect it to do a running total for this volume of data (in reality the total number of unique terms for a month will be a lot more than 150,000), and is there an alternative way to establish how many queries make up the top 10 / 20 / 30 % of the total?