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    How to Join these tables?

      I Want to join 4 tables 1st table:sales, 2nd:Partners, 3rd:Quarter,4th:Week. The relation between the tables is as follows:


      Sales is having lookup relationShip with Quarter and Partner

      Week is havig lookup relationship with Quarter.


      (Fields in the table: Quarter--->Quarter__c,Quarter end date,Quarter Start date

           Week--->Week name,WeekEnd date,WeekStart date,Quarter__c





      Note:Every partner will have at least one  transaction in Sales.


      I need to display  as following:


      Quarter   Week               Sum(Sales)   count(Partner)


      Q2           Week01               200                     10


      Q3           Week02               300                      25


      Q4             Week03               500                    40


      I need to prepare the report by today. Any ideas please?