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    Outsourcing Partner or Freelance site?

      I'm looking to outsource my project... so i use google and i found an suitable Outsourcing Partner for my project. But most of the people prefer to work with freelancer and they hire them from some freelance sites like freelancer.com or elance.com. I'm prefer to choose a company rather than hiring a freelancer. Still a confirmation from side woule be great on my decision. Looking forward to get some valuable suggestion from qlik.com site contributors.


      Thanks in Advance,


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          Deepak Kurup

          HI Micheal,



          We are one of the Qlikview Solution Partner in India and Middle east. We have consultant with more than 4-5 years of experience in Qlikview Projects. I myslef have implemented more than 15 projects across Indian and middle east.



          Below is my email id and company profilt








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            Giorgio Padovan

            HI Micheal,

            we are a QlikView partner located in Switzerland, we have great expertize in QlikView technologies. Our projects are on big companies that are working in financial sector, retail, manufacturing, chemical, GDO, pharma, fashion, etc.

            You can see our internet site: www.icesuisse.ch or contact us at info@icesuisse.ch . We can send you company presentation, references, CV of our consultants.



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              Hello Micheal!

              I would like to present you our BI team:

              A2 Consulting. Belarus.  Smart solutions adviser

              Our QlikView team is ready for new outsourcing projects.

              We have 4 expereinced BI developers, 2 business consultants and analitycs and 2 project managers.

              Projects and solutions in

              • Consumer products,
              • Retail and wholesale distribution,
              • Insurance,
              • Gas stations,
              • Retail banking,
              • Pharmaceuticals,
              • Industrial Machinery,
              • Mill Products.


              Please contact us for any further information and demo-versions:





              more info -  http://community.qlik.com/message/264591#264591

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                Hi Michael,


                We are a group of web professionals here in the Philippines globally rendering our services for almost 5 yrs.

                Our Designer specializes in Adobe Photoshop CS5, Adobe Flash CS5, Adobe Illustrator CS5, Adobe DreamWeaver and InDesign with skills in:

                • Vector Design
                • Corporate Identity Design
                • Photo Editing
                • Print Design
                • Web Templates
                • Flash Gallery / Flash Animation
                • HTML5/CSS3 Coding
                • Wordpress theme Design
                • Joomla theme Design


                Our Programmer specializes in PHP and mySQL development, HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, JavaScript / AJAX, JQuery and OOP with specialty on the following Custom Applications/Frameworks/CMS:


                • Custom-made Content Management System (CMS)
                • Custom-made eCommerce system
                • Custom Web Applications
                • ZenCart installation, development and maintenance
                • osCommerce installation, development and maintenance
                • Wordpress installation, development and maintenance
                • Joomla installation, development and maintenance
                • Magento installation, development and maintenance
                • Drupal installation, development and maintenance
                • CodeIgniter installation, development and maintenance



                Our SEO specialists offer services that includes:

                • Keyword Research and Analysis
                • On Page Optimization
                • Online Promotions
                • Link Building
                • Keyword Research Services
                • Article Submission
                • Directory Submission
                • Traffic & Links
                • Blog Development and Maintenance
                • Community Building
                • Social Network Marketing Service

                Should you be interested, please do not hesitate to email me(jack@extremewebevolution.com) or contact our sales executive (sales@extremewebevolution.com) anytime if you have questions.

                Hope to hear from you soon and I would be looking forward to have business relationship with you




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                  Hi Micheal,


                  I am not sure if you are still looking for feedback, however I feel your question isnt answered yet, so here is why intelligent buyers look for company instead of freelancer -


                  1. You deal directly, thus communication is faster and clear. Plus you have multiple means of communication and not just through freelancing site email / chat system.

                  2. When you deal with an organization then fears of stability, scalability, data security etc. are taken care off.

                  3. most importantly - what if your freelancer vanishes in the middle? do you have any backup? . With stable organizations you dont have such trouble as company will insure that there is a replacement availabale.


                  Feel free to contact me if you are still on a lookout or have any other queries - mayank.mahalwala@stigasoft.com


                  Best regards,


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                    freelancer is best ever from my experience, i m working as a freelancer since 2005 earning healthy income every week

                    Thanks for the awesome discuss.




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                      My name is Eugene. I represent QlikView Solution Provider from Russia, Moscow - IT Box




                      We are experts in Logistics, Transportation, Finance, Project Management, Retail & Distribution, Tourism.


                      All our customers are Enterprise clients, all are could make a reference to our work.


                      Please, make a conact to me, If you are interested to discuss what help exactly do you need.





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                        elance.com is good site for freelancer . Same like http://www.worknhire.com/ is also good site for freelance. I have experience in this site. There are so many freelance profiles are made with their developed project. This is good site to get job and freelance portal.You can make your profile in this site and get good work.

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                          It is very good site. thank you for posting.   /http://www.helpwithassignment.com/