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    Table Merging In Script

      I'm loading data into my solution as in the below:


      // Status table


      Load * Inline


      In Progress

      Awaiting Initial Audit Check

      Awaiting Start Date

      Start Date Arranged - Contract to be issued

      Awaiting Signed Contract

      Awaiting Final Audit Check

      Awaiting Signed Tracking Form


      On Hold / Withdrawn];


      // Overview Table



                [Business Unit],

                [In Progress],

                [Awaiting Initial Audit Check],

                [Awaiting Start Date],

                [Start Date Arranged - Contract to be issued],

                [Awaiting Signed Contract],

                [Awaiting Final Audit Check],

                [Awaiting Signed Tracking Form],


                [On Hold / Withdrawn],


      FROM $(vSpreadName)  (ooxml, embedded labels, table is 'Some Name'')

      where RowNo()<12;


      Once I've got the data, is it possible to create a new table with something like the below:

      Business Unit      StatusType          Value

      1                         In Progress          50

      1                         Complete             20



      This would give me the axes I need to draw a graph I'm struggling to create at the minute.