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    Loading a field value

    Rishi Minawala

      Hi guys,


      I have two tables which are not directly related. Employees and Orders (Fact table).


      In my Employee table I have used a flag to highlight all employees who are SalesPeople. I also have another table called Quota. In this table I have Online sales which are also stored as quota.


      What I want is, 'online' sales in my 'Orders' table so that in my UI I can have a table that shows sum(Sales) for SalesPerson and online Sales seperately.


      I hope that makes sense can anyone help?

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          Pablo Gálvez

          Hi, Could you please attach an qvw Example? I don´t understand very well you said 2 tables Employees and Orders but you add another table (Quota)?

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              Rishi Minawala



              You will see in the sample.qvw UI 'Sales by SalesPerson' table a list of all the sales people with their sales, cost and margin. Currently the figures are wrong becasue it is summing the Online sales and Direct sales.


              What I want is for Online Sales to be a seperate value but part of the SalesPerson data. Therefore in the table it will display all SalesPerson and Online sales.


              I flagged what is Direct Sales and what is Website Sales. But in-order to get the individual SalesFigures right I need to have the two seperate.



              Thanks for your prompt reply.