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    First calculate durance, then count instances related



      I'm on my first prosject after Designer Training, and I have a challenge I'm strugling with.


      I have a table that looks something like this:


      Critical21.01.2012 12:0021.01.2012 14:00
      Critical22.01.2012 08:0023.01.2012 15:00
      Average21.01.2012 09:0027.01.2012 13:00
      Low21.01.2012 09:00


      It's an SLA dashboard I'm making and I want to first calculate the number of hours the incident where active, I've managed to do that in a list with:


      =Interval([Close Time]-[Open Time],'hh')


      But what I really need to report on is a sum of "critical" events that lasted more than for example 24 hours.


      I'm thinking that I might want to have a new row in my table called "durance"?