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    Set Analysis - Want to fix value to just data from one year



      I'm writing a report to show the cost of delivering a service dependant on staff costs. I have loaded data from a timesheet app for 2011, and then decided that number of mins worked / annual salary = cost per minute (there's probably a million reasons why this is flawed but let's just stick to the QlikView stuff).


      So I have created a variable called costPerMinute2011 and inserted the following expression into it.




      If I select the name of a specific employee I get back the value I would expect.


      But if I want to see data for a specific month, and I change the value of ProNetSummaryMonth to 'August', for example, the value of the variable changes and it's massively over inflating the costs.


      I don't really understand what's going on here - can anyone offer some advice?