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    Date Variable

      Hi I am new to QV.


      I am trying to create a variable where user can select from and to dates.


      Any suggestions on how i go about doing so?


      I am loading data in a crossable format from a flat file with date dimension are going across in columns. 



      Product Period 1 FY12 Period 1 FY1 Period 1 FY13

      1            $100

      2            $200

      3            $300

      4            ETC



      thank you

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          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce



          Feel free to download this app and use the code within. You have a basic master calendar and a few charts that demonstrate how to use variables with dates, let the user select periods (ranges of dates) and how the charts should be built to respond to these interactions.


          Hope that helps.



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              Hi Miguel,


              Your link was extreemly helpfull.


              Another question about dates. In your query, you are tranlating date to 2007. I am working with fiscal periods, sample below. HWould you be able to help me tranlate fiscal periods, going back to 2009?





                  Chr(64 + Ceil(Rand() * 5)) AS ID, // Company ID

                  Ceil(Rand() * 7) * 1000 AS SalesAmount, // Amount

                 Date(Ceil(Rand() * 1460) + Date('01/01/2007')) AS CalendarDate // Date starting Jan 1, 2007

              AUTOGENERATE 3000;


              [Period 12 FY2009] ,

                   [Period 1  FY2010],

                   [Period 2  FY2010],

                   [Period 3  FY2010],

                   [Period 4  FY2010],

                   [Period 5  FY2010],

                   [Period 6  FY2010],

                   [Period 7  FY2010],

                   [Period 8  FY2010],

                   [Period 9  FY2010],

                   [Period 10 FY2010],

                   [Period 11 FY2010],

                   [Period 12 FY2010],

                   [Period 1  FY2011],

                   [Period 2  FY2011],

                   [Period 3  FY2011],



              Thank you