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    Help with Scripting

    Vinay Bangari

      Hi All, I have a following requiremen Any help on this is greatly appreciated and not getting ideas on how to do the scripting.  in the below sample application i have a line chart with dimensions Style & Display Year and expression Sum(Sales).  For each style the display year would be different but the requirement is that the trending of each style should start at the same point and end at a data point where its history is finished.


      for example Style RUSSA1 started in 2010 and ends at 2012 . But in the out chart i should get like it should start in year zero and end at year 2.

      and another example: for Style TVB which started in 2007 and ending at 2012. So i output chart it should start at year 0 and end at year 4.


      To give you a clear picture i have attched a screen shot how the output chart should look like.


      Thanks in advance for your help.