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    values differ from qlikview to database query result

      We are trying get the Count(partner) based on the condition Joinedpartner>Weekenddate..


      We are using the below condition:


      Count(if(PartnerJoinDate>=Week_Start_Date__c and PartnerJoinDate<=Week_End_Date__c,Partner_Id__c)) but the values differ from the database query result.


      Below are thevalues from database query:                                


      below are thevalue from qlikview:


      Any ideas?

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          Sunil Chauhan

          what result would you expect


          what is your requirement?



          use distinct if you are getting more than expected value


          Count(distinct if(PartnerJoinDate>=Week_Start_Date__c and PartnerJoinDate<=Week_End_Date__c,Partner_Id__c))


          hope this helps

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              ThankYou Sunil for the response.


              I am sorry that I haven't explained the issue clearly.


              I will Explain it again.


              Basically there are 4 tables Week,partner,sales,quarter

              sales and partner are related,

              sales and quarter are related,

              Quarter and Week are related,



              Below table is the result from our database for the query

              'select count(Id) from partner_c where createddate>=2012-03-31T00:00:00Z and  createddate<=2012-04-06T00:00:00Z" 


              In the query the date  2012-03-31T00:00:00Z is weekstart date and  2012-04-06T00:00:00Z is Weekenddate.

              We manually changed the date during the query, bcoz there is no direct relationship btw partner and Week tables


              QuarterWeekEnd DateCount
              2012-Q4Week 12012-04-06480
              3/31/2012Week 22012-04-13951
              6/29/2012Week 32012-04-201708
              Week 42012-04-271708
              Week 52012-05-042389
              Week 62012-05-112715
              Week 72012-05-183427
              Week 82012-05-253953
              Week 92012-06-014065
              Week 102012-06-084407
              Week 112012-06-155073
              Week 122012-06-225073
              Week 132012-06-295444

              Coming to the Qlikview,

              In the script level, I loaded Sales,partner,quarterand week tables.

              I have taken Week as dimension and  the expression for partner is "Count (If(PartnerCreateddate>=Week_Start_Date__c and PartnerCreateddate<=Week_End_Date__c,Partner_Id__c))"

              and I am getting the below results:

              2012-Q4WEEK 0165
              2012-Q4WEEK 02102
              2012-Q4WEEK 0362
              2012-Q4WEEK 05123
              2012-Q4WEEK 0650
              2012-Q4WEEK 07216
              2012-Q4WEEK 0825
              2012-Q4WEEK 1012
              2012-Q4WEEK 11177


              Is there any solution to the above  issue?


              Awaiting for your reply.


              Bharath Kumar