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    Sum, interval match, and aggr?

      Hello everyone,


      I got few issues to find a way to calulate this (it may look simple to many of you....)


      So here it is :

      I got the data (pics datasample) , so I want to sum (Nb_Jour _ABS) , but as you can see the data is multiplied by the number of days beetween 'DATE_DEBUT' and 'DATE_FIN_ABS'


      I tried in the script :


      Load *,

      if previous(DATE_DEBUT) = DATE_DEBUT and previous(DATE_FIN_ABS)=DATE_FIN_ABS and MATRICULE_A = previous (MATRICULE_A), sum()....) as xxxx

      this, doesn't work.


      I tried :also: aggr(distinct sum(NB_JOUR_ABS), MATRICULE_AGENT, DATE_DEBUT, DATE_FIN_ABS) doesn't work either.


      I tried  : sum(NB_JOUR_ABS) / count(DATE_ABSENCE)...doesn't work


      I want to put the results in a jauge, and a chart which dimension is 'month' from another table which is a calendar


      ISo, I really need a help to solve this.


      Wish you the best ,