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    Hierarchy hides values in pivot table when selected

      Hi -


      I created a hierarchy which is loaded as part of my script.


      When this hierachy is used as part of my selections, all values get filtered out. Any idea on why my hierachy hides all values in my pivot table?

      Thank you!!!!!


      CrossTable(Period, Data, 5)

      LOAD [Row Labels] as [Test Description],



           [GL Account],

           [Gl Account Description],

           [Period 12 FY2009],

           [Period 1  FY2010],

           [Period 2  FY2010],

           [Period 3  FY2010],

           [Period 4  FY2010],

           [Period 5  FY2010],

           [Period 6  FY2010],

           [Period 7  FY2010],

           [Period 8  FY2010],

           [Period 9  FY2010],

           [Period 10 FY2010],

           [Period 11 FY2010]




      (ooxml, embedded labels, header is 1 lines, table is Sheet1, filters(

      Replace(1, bottom, StrCnd(null)),

      Replace(2, bottom, StrCnd(null)),

      Replace(3, bottom, StrCnd(null)),

      Replace(4, bottom, StrCnd(null)),

      Replace(5, bottom, StrCnd(null))





      LOAD * Inline [

          All, Region, Profit_Center, Website_Country

          All, Test1, A

          All, Test1, B, C

          All, Test1, B, C

          All, Test1, B,C, D





      Load * ,

          All &'-'&Region&'-'&Profit_Center&'-'&Website_Country as HierarchyPath

      Resident Profit_Center;


      Drop table Profit_Center;