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    hierarchy continent country

    anutosh_dhar anutosh_dhar

      I have the following data




      23    1418422    1418180    ASIA              1

      23    1418192    1418422    ARMENIA      2

      23    1418198    1418422    BAHRAIN       2

      23    1418206    1418422    BHUTAN        2



      I want to create hierarchy on continent + country


      if any one click asia list of country will open.


      I have written the following codes:



      LOAD "HIERARCHY_ID" as Id,

           "NODE_ID" as NodeID,

           "PARENT_NODE_ID" as ParentID,

            NAME as NodeName,

           "NODE_LEVEL" as NodeLevel;

      SQL SELECT *


      //STORE  hierarchy into E:\Extraction\Qvd\hierarchy.QVD;

      //Drop table hierarchy;



      Hierarchy(NodeID, ParentID, NodeName)

      LOAD NodeID, ParentID, NodeName

      Resident hierarchy



      DROP TABLE continent_hierarchy_check;


      how will i check my data as well