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    no relation dimension and detail

    anutosh_dhar anutosh_dhar

      I have a dimension table .it has just 3 rows and single column like 2012,2011,Last 12 Months(for current year,for previous year, for last 12 mm now last12mm meanings 2012sep to 2012oct).


      i have detail table which contains columns like cy_jan,cy_feb....cy_sep,cy_total(cy all total)

                                                                          ly_jan-ly_dec,ly_total(ly all total)   etc........



      i want to know


      if anybody click on 2012 it will display cy_jan---to -cy_sep

                                            click on 2011 it will display ly_jan-------to--ly_dec

                                            click on Last 12 Months it will display cy_sep-------to--ly_oct


      is it possible in qlikview?