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    Help with chart, multiple dimensions and multiple expressions

      Hi, hope someone can help me with this question.


      I have a chart, it has two dimensions.

            - month

           - circle (company, region, sector, group)


      Via expressions I calculate the occupancy (don't know whether this is the correct word) in a percentage.

      In the same chart I want to compare this with the estamated occupancy.


      This is how I do this now. It means, making two charts and placing them on top of each other. The normal lines, are the calculated occupancys, the dotted lines are the calculated estimated occupancys


      Here you see, two sectors, the normal blue line is KDV, the dotted blue line is estimated KDV.

      The red line is NSO, the dotted red line is estimated NSO.


      Now when I add the expression for the estimated sector into the first chart, I lose my ability to choose the sector.

      See picture 2.2.bmp


      As you can see, both KDV and NSO are summed up in the blue line.

      The red line, is my estimated line, where KDV and NSO are summed up as well.

      There is now way to change from sector to region, or to company anymore.


      Can someone advise me on how to make this work?


      Thanks in advance,