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    Column Width 2 pivot tables

    Helen Pippard



      I wish to get the column width of 2 pivot tables which are placed very close next to each other to have the exact same width for each column


      How do I know the exact column width of every cell in both pivots


      Kind Regards


        • Re: Column Width 2 pivot tables

          Hi Helen,


          You can use a macro to set the width of a column (somehow there is no normal function in qlikview to do that).


          Below an example of the code:

          Sub breedte

          set chart = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("CH362")


          set p = chart.GetProperties

          set expr = p.Expressions.Item(0).Item(0).Data.ExpressionVisual

          expr.ColWidth = 50

          chart.SetProperties p

          set expr = p.Expressions.Item(1).Item(0).Data.ExpressionVisual

          expr.ColWidth = 400

          chart.SetProperties p

          set expr = p.Expressions.Item(2).Item(0).Data.ExpressionVisual

          expr.ColWidth = 400

          chart.SetProperties p



          end sub


          Hope this helps.