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    Certification ..If employer is  Qliktech  customer ?

    Balraj Prabhu



          My employer is a Qliktech  customer ( Not partner ) . Does that make me  eligible for QV certification ? I did my research on this community and from what i have gathered, Is that only partners of Qliktech are eligible for certification (is it true because  I may be wrong ) .


      If I am eligible, then


      i) Where can I get the materials for preparing for the test.  I don't want to attend the online or training classes organised by QLiktech .

         Because I have been working on this tool for a while and I'm sure I won't be learning much at the Classroom training by Qliktech .



      Are there books available in the market ..which i could use for preparting for the certification ?


      ii) My firm is a customer of Qliktech , so is it possible to apply for certification, if not ,then is there any other way of applying for certification ?




      iii) Does naybody have trraining material that I could use, I would really appreciate it if someone could attach some training docs or videos.


         Note; I have the reference manuel as well as docs on set analysis..I was looking for docs for training in QV 11.