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    Request for advice on clustering and web server deployment

      Hi all,


      I'm searching for some advice on how to set up a cluster of QlikView servers and complementing web server to handle requests.


      It looks to me, at least in the current configuration we have, the QV Server handles both hosting the QV files AND the web traffic (i.e. the requests that come through IIS) to serve content up to users.


      I have seen documentation that shows the web server sitting off to the side of the QV servers and I don't understand completely. 


      Does this web server sitting off to the side run QVWS or IIS (depending on your preference) and point to the QV Servers? 


      Are the qvajaxzfc and IE plugin source files sitting on this web server and NOT on the QV Server, thus, the QV server really acts just as a file repository and the main engine for keeping the file in memory?


      Does the QV server have to run QVWS and IIS as well to communicate to the "off to the side" web server?  If so, what is the benefit to having the web server off to the side?


      My current configuration has the QlikView server serving the files through IIS.  Requests come from a web and com layer to the QV server and upon authentication the QV server sends back the content.  The web and com layer contain some, but not all, of the files that are required for IIS interoperability with QV.  Items like the Bin directory are cleared out because cross-site scripting issues arise going through the layers.  Therefore, in current state, the dlls sit only on the QV Server.


      So my main questions is this:

      If I want QV Server to manage the load balancing across the cluster, do I install IIS on the master QV server, or all the QV servers in the cluster?


      Thank you for your help.


      Jeff G


      QV Servers are DL580 4 Processor 256 Gig RAM running Windows 2008 R2 with IIS 7.5

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          Hi Jeffrey,


          I will try to answer on your last question: QV Servers have to be installed and configured as a cluster, and IIS or QVWS with AccessPoint could be, and that is recommended, installed on third machine, apart from QVS cluster configuration. Load balancing can be configured using QMC, System->Setup->QVWSs->on the AccessPoint tab there is list with 3 possible scenarios: random, loaded document and CPU with RAM overload.

          Described scenario is for QVS cluster + one IIS or QVWS server with AccessPoint. There is another configuration possible: QVS cluster + two (or more) IIS or QVWS servers with AccessPoint each +  Loading Balancing Router between user web browser and  AccessPoint servers. Loading Balancing Router switches requests between AccessPoint servers, while QVS loading balancing is the same as in first scenario.