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    How to show the Bar Chart values of the corresponding current date value only

    Jörg Simon


      Want to have a Bar-Chart showing only the corredonding values of the most current day (despite of all selections and without detaching the chart of course)

      I do have a table like this:

      66002354861343790714123373925.09.2012 00:00:00
      61751355741336489370127943524.09.2012 00:00:00
      61278356241337789109127898623.09.2012 00:00:00
      64200357351337688419127993822.09.2012 00:00:00


      Let's look on Bar Chart for column "Critical" only:


      As an uxpression I used: =sum({<date5={$(vDateToday)}>} Critical)  // vDateToday is a variable containing the current Date


      Result: Bar for Column "Critical"  is "0", Value of vDateToday "41177" i.e. (which is the Num Value for Sept, 25th 2012 00:00:00).


      Expected Result: Bar Value  in Chart for Column "Critical" should be '66002'


      How to tell Qlikview to compare [date5] Value "25.09.2012 00:00:00" to vDateToday Num Value "41177" to show the desired results?


      Many Thanks for any idea how to get this done.