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    Sum issues with particular data

      Hey everyone,

      im new to qlikview and i have some problems figuring out of to manage some exceptions i have found in some reports i need to work on.



      Purchuase NO is the number of the purchuase order

      Requisition NO is the number of the requisition

      Invoice NO is the number of the invoice

      PO_Line is the is the line of the purchuase order

      Payment_amount is the amount PAID for the invoice

      Amount is how much has been paid for every PO_LINE

      Amount_paid is the total amount PAID for the invoice



      My firm uses a ERP Oracle and uses QlikView

      . Now my problem is when the report sum(invoice_amount). The problem is caused by some invoices that including more than one PO_LINE_ID that multiply the total for the numbers of PO_LINE_ID.


      I cant really figure out how to solve it. If someone can help me will be very appreciated.

      See the sample i created to see the situation.


      Thank Everyone in advance.

      Juan Pedro