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    If with IsNull returning new value issue

      Hi all,


      New to Qlikview and having a slight issue with an expression.


      My Expression is:

      =if(isnull(COMPANY_USEBY_DATE), 'No Company Date', COMPANY_USEBY_DATE)


      So basically, if there is a company date, show it to me, otherwise show me 'No Company Date'

      I am sure that these are NULL values for the ones that have no dates, i have verified this in the DB.


      When i try this, and i click on a company name (in it's own listbox), this expression (which is it's own list box) shows the Date if it's not null, and never shows 'No Company Date'.

      For the ones with no dates, it just shows me a grey box with the dates in it, with nothing seleted.   I am trying to get it to either show The _one_ date in the box, or 'No Date' in the box.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!