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    Duplicate copies displayed on Access point ?

    Swarup Malli

      Hi All,



           Multiple instances  of same QVW on access point ?



          I wanted a set of users to access this qvw (Via WINDOWS AUTHENTICATION) .

        In order to achieve this , I created a folder ,and copied this particular app in it .And this folder was copied into the documents folder of the QMC.

        Then mounted this folder under the root folder. ( see below fig)

      QMC PIC.png


      Server details: It’s a SBE QV server version 11

      Not using publisher




          Though I have achieved my objective ie this app is only visible to a set of people.But there are two instances on the access point. (See below or check the atttachment)


      QV COMMUNITY.png    





         How can I get rid of this extra copy of QVW.




        • Re: Duplicate copies on Access point ?
          Steve Dark

          Hi there,


          In both the root and the mounted folder all subfolders are also searched for .qvw files.  In this case the same file is found in both locations.  To stop this I would suggest moving your mounted folder to a different location - even a different drive if possible.


          When I set up a server I tend to create a folder structure like this:








          I then set the Root folder in QVServer to be the root folder and then set up separate mount points for each business unit and the system folder (where ops monitor etc. resides).  This way any folder can be unmounted from QVServer in order to remove it from Access Point - without having to physically move any files and folders.


          If you decide to move your Root folder you should move any .pgo files from the existing root folder to the new one when you do so.


          Hope that all makes sense.