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    Share point question

    zhen pan


      I searched a few discussion but I am still not able to get how it works.


      Where do you put the connection string on the script?

      I was reading one post from Ian Crosland

      he said :



      FROM [http://vm-sharepoint/_vti_bin/owssvr.dll?Cmd=Display&XMLDATA=1&RowLimit=0&List={625801CC-11E6-40E9-9C25-AD198E2BAF21}] (XmlSimple, Table is [xml/Schema/ElementType/AttributeType]);

      Access the list via your browser and select the View you want to find the GUID.


      2. Select "Modify this View" and copy the URL.


      3 You will get a URL like this,



      I am not familiar with sharepoint's architecture, is the part below universal? when I tried to use this in the script, but how to i use  (XmlSimple, Table is [xml/Schema/ElementType/AttributeType]); in my script?



      where do you see the step 2: Modify this View?



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          zhen pan

          OK I finally get it connected.

          here are the steps:

          go to the sharepoint page that you want to grab the information from.

          I used Firefox so that i can see the view page source, there i found my GUID after the first List=


          I then construct the url close to the above.  I am still not sure how the dll is placed in the sharepoint infrastructure.


          but it seems that you can just use it after the directory.


          Try the URL out in your browser, you will see the codes if they are valid, if not you either do not have access or you did something wrong.


          open Qlikview scriptor, and click the web file, put the url in the internet file. then choose xml, you are good to go.