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    Customized message when sending reload error mail to user from different qlikview servers

      Dear All,


      We are having 2 qlikview servers as one for Production and one for Staging (testing server).


      We have scheduled the applications to run on a timely basis with the scheduler option in both QMC environments.


      For some reasons we are getting reload failure in staging environment and receiving the message to respective mail address.


      Here we have configured a single mail address in both QMC -> SMTP configuration.


      But we have little difficulty in identifying that from which server the error message is coming in order to know the failure occurred wheather in Staging or Production environment. For this we had to look at two servers and identify where the reload failure happend.


      For this we would like to know is there any option to added a customized message text (example: IP address of the Qlikview Server installed location) along with the regular message.


      Finally you may wish to say that configure different mail addresses for Staging and Production. But our need is to have a single mail address with different customized message added to that.


      Thank you all in advance for the help.