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    Display a field if another field has more than 1 entry.

    Chris Hopkins

      Hi Everyone.


      I am trying to display the persons name that has been assigned to an order number in a straight table. Some of the names though are blank, so in this case i want to display a Status name instead.

      But, some orders have more than one person working on it at different stages, so maybe it is started by one person, but finished by another. In this case i want to display the name of the person who started it.


      Does this make sense?


      My fields are:

      [Operative Name]

      [Status Operative]



      So i want to do...


      If [Operative Name] is null then use [Status Name]. but if Status Name has more than 1 name then use the name assigned to Stat_StatusID  = 2 otherwise use Operative Name.


      Can anyone help please?