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    Background Color for Dimension that ignores a second dimension

      Hi all,


      I am creating a pivot table that shows a person's rank per competition like this screenshot.

      Pivot Table Test.PNG

      The person column needs to get a background color, green if a Person has a Rank 1 over all Competitions and red otherwise. I have used the following code to do this:  if(min(Rank)=1,RGB(0,250,0),RGB(250,0,0))


      However, Person B gets the color red, while he has a Rank 1 in Competition Y. So my guess is that my expression only looks at the first column after Person (i.e. looks at only the first Competition).


      Does anyone know how I can adjust my expression to check all Competitions for a Rank 1 and change the Person's background to green? The file is attached.


      Thanks in advance!