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    Manage Task flows using Edx

      Hi all,


      I'm a newbie and I'm using QlikView Version:10.00.9086.7 with Publisher.


      I need to call in sequence, after the previous success, n-task using the parameters received by HTTP- GET (I developed a java servlet)

      and sharing parameters between tasks.

      I don't know when the requests come so I need to manage concurrent requests.


      For every request I have to call a sequence of task (always the same) but giving them different param value.

      (...I'm using qvw document to do ETL)


      I receive a HTTP-GET (ex, shop=1&month=01), I call the task1_edx using the POST concatenating a and b value

      Parameter Input: shop:1 - month:01,

      ...shop:2 - month:01....



      <Global method="RequestEDX" key="YOUR_EDX_KEY">





                  <string>1_10</string> (I'll use subfield...)





      Document1 -task EDX with variable:shop1_month1


      Document2-task EDX with same variable:shop1_month1


      Document3-task EDX with same variable:shop1_month1.....


      • Can I use multiple <i_VariableName>, <i_VariableValueList>?
      • Can I pass parameters between tasks?

      I want to call the first task with my servlet, than using dependencies and trigger for the other three task but I need to pass the initial variable between them.

      It seems that it is not possible.


      • Can I call at the same time the same task using different variable value or I need to create as many task of my document as the possible value I can receive?

      (Document1 -task_shop1, Document1 -task_shop2, Document1 -task_shop3....)

      • Call at the same time different task but referred to the same document, is it safe?


      If I can't pass variable between tasks I can make my four calls in my servlet

      but I need to test the status value in order to call the next task.

      I need to poll while TaskIsAlreadyRunning (3) before start with the next EDX Call.



      Do you have any suggestions or comments?


      Thanks in advance