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    Creating a Relationship between two sets of data



      I have ran two separate SQL commands to get data from a table called OPENCALL and another called FIXCODE.


      In my OPENCALL table I have a field called fixcode which shows data as such FLT0-CRPR-RCL0-SSWO.

      The code has a certain value to it, in the above case FLT0 means Fault, CRPR means Corporate Software - RCL0 means Oracle and SSWO means Password Reset.  As you can also see they are set a certain Levels, ie: FLT0 is Level 1, CRPR is level 2 etc.


      In the second table called fixcode, I have a field called code, which shows all of the code, regardless of level and in the same table there is another field called descx which gives it the value.


      I have created 4 listboxes that hold the fixcode from my OPENCALL table.  I have separated it into 4 different list boxes, so in the above example, we have a list box called:  Level 1 which holds FLT0, Level 2 which holds CRPR, Level 3 which holds RCL0 and Level 4, which holds SSWO.


      I then created 2 other listboxes from my FIXCODE table.  All the hold is the code and description. 


      What I am looking to achieve is creating a relationship between the two.  As the FIXCODE table holds the relationship between the code and the description, my OPENCALL table only holds the code per call raised.  (So if a call if raise on our helpdesk it is given the code above).


      I want to be able to qlikview to look at the code in the OPENCALL table, match it to the code in the FIXCODE table and then bring through the description from the FIXCODE Table.


      Is this possible?