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    Check who is opening qvw files

      Hi, Everyone


      Env: QVS 11.0 SR1 on Windows 2008 R2.

      WebServer is IIS 7.5


      As I know, in QEMC:

      License tab can see which CAL is used and what time is used.

      Documents tab can see server objects created by users.

      QVSysteMonitor.qvw could analyze logs to check which qvw file is opened by which user.

      But this is not real time statics.


      Is there any entry on QEMC to see how many users are online and who is opening which qvw file ?

        • Re: Check who is opening qvw files
          Deepak Kurup

          hi Jerson,


          In Management Console -->Status tab ..> Go to QVS Statistics --> 


          you will see the tab for Open Document + Active User + Document and User.


          You will be able to know who has the open the application and who is online.



          I hope this what your looking for.