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    Help with Mapping Table and Apply Map



      I am relatively new to Qlikview but have come across a stumbling block.  I am trying to merge 2 separate SQL tables into one and create a relationship between a field called fixcode in TABLE1 (OPENCALL) and a field called code in TABLE2 (FIXCODE).


      I have been advised to use an APPLYMAP function in my LOAD script, but I have never done one before.

      I have attached a copy of the details in my load script at the moment in text pad format.


      In my OPENCALL table the code is in a single string separated by hyphens.  It is stored in a field called fixcode. Therefore my code looks likes this:





      In my FIXCODE table all of the codes are stored in a field called code and each 4 digit code is entered into a row.  Theres is also another field called descx which sets a value to the code.  In ths Table it looks like this:


      SSWOPassword Reset


      I will be amending my script to amend the OPENCALL table so that I can put each code into seprate columns.  However what I then want to do is match the code from my OPENCALL table and match it with the FIXCODE Table so the the following will show:




      Fault-Corporate Software-Oracle-Password Reset


      I have no idea how to even start the Mapping table.  I was wondering if someone could help me figure out how to do this.




      Jon Ditchfield