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    Custom Headers for List Box

      I am very new to Qlikview.

      I am not sure if this is possible or if so how, but I have a situation where I have 2 tables that exist where there is a need to report on unique value counts and situations where there are multiple of the same.


      I have discovered that I am able to accomplish this using the list box.  If I turn the frequency on it counts the table that has the unique values and then if I write an expression I am able to have it display the counts from the table that has multiple counts. 


      So table A has 3 records:






      Table B has 5 records

           Num     TX

           1          DV6KXYZ1

           2          DV6KXYZ2

           2          DV6KXYZ3

           3          DV6KXYZ4

           3          DV6KXYZ6


      The tables are joined by the field Num


      In my list box that has the expression and frequency I am getting the unique counts from the field num from table A and in the expression I am getting the counts for the selected "Num" from table B


      So if I select from the Num List box the values 1 and 2 the following is displayed

           Num List Box

           1     1     1

           2     1     2


      What I would like to do is add headers so that the end user can make sense that Column 1 is value, Column 2 is the Num Freq and Column 3 is the TX to Num Freq. 


      Any help that anyone can provide would be helpful and appriciated!  Thanks in advance!


      and writing an expression that counts the table with the same reference record that has many values.