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    How can I implement SCD w/ only 1 table as source?



      I'll attach a sample excel file having records below,


      Employee IDEmployee NameGenderStatusDate Hired
      E-2012-0001Zac EfronMaleSingle1/14/2012
      E-2012-0002Selena GomezFemaleSingle1/15/2012
      E-2012-0003Channing TatumMaleSingle2/15/2012
      E-2012-0004Amanda SeigfredFemaleSingle3/2/2012
      E-2012-0005Beyonce KnowlesFemaleMarried3/3/2012
      E-2012-0007Jesse McCartneyMaleSingle4/2/2012
      E-2012-0008Mariah CareyFemaleMarried4/2/2012
      E-2012-0009Brian McKnightMaleMarried4/2/2012


      That is the only table, but how can I know, if one of the employees changes the STATUS from SINGLE to MARRIED?

      How can I track changes or apply the SLOWLY CHANGING DIMENSION?


      Please help asap. I need this to track as of dates reports.



      Say for example,


      As of June 6, 2012 Zac Erfron is Single, but as of Aug 1, 2012 he's Married. reports like that!



      Best Regards,