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    Create an expression for calculating On Time In Full


      I have done my first simple QW report to measure Delivery Performance for my Suppliers. As a first attempt I did a simple if expression that compared confirmed date with Good receit date. This works fine and looks as follows:



      ((ConfirmedDate-GRdate) >0, 0, 1) as DP,



      Basically this will mean that all early deliveries will be measured as on time. I would now like to alter that expression so that it provides an On Time measure with no tolerance for early deliveries. My attempt was as follows:



      ((ConfirmedDate-GRdate) >0, 0, 1
      IF((ConfirmedDate-GRdate) <0, 0, 1)) as DP,



      I have obviously done something stupid... Could you give me advice on how to correct or maybe give me an alternative solution?


      As an extension to this I would also like to add an expression that also take into account the quantity delivered. I would like to do it with an expression containing AND as follows:










      Kind regards