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    QV 11 SR1  – Source Document not found error

    Trevor Roth


      QV 11 SR1


      We are in the process of moving to QV 11 SR1 and suddenly most of our Distribution Service tasks failed this morning. All tasks have been tested in QV 11 and (last week) ran fine when run manually. Yesterday we enabled 30 tasks in QV11 SR1 and they ran perfectly. Today we enabled all our tasks (~125) and had 10+ tasks run without error and 106 fail with a ‘Source Document not found error’ in the logs (keep in mind all these tasks worked last week when run manually).


      I first checked to ensure that none of the QV Services on the server were stopped, which they were not. I then took at task which ran successfully @ 12:35AM and ran it manually @ 8:30 AM and it failed with the ‘Source Document not found error’. I restarted the server, and reran the same task – it ran successfully. I then selected a task which failed @1AM, and failed when ran manually prior to the server restart and it ran successfully after the restart. There is a time this morning (~1AM) where everything ran without error prior to that time and every task failed after that time – until I restarted the server. After the restart all tasks are running normally.


      Obviously, the restart resolved the issue – but I am worried about the stability of the system. I have a ticket opened with QlikTech support but I am wondering if any of you are experiencing this issue.


      It does not appear to be the known ‘Source document not found bug’ since we are on SR1, and the tasks do work.



      Thoughts? Are you experiencing this?