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    Help creating a timeline

    Jeremy Boyer

      I'm trying to create a timeline to show the types of visits a patient has had in the last year.  Right now I'm just using a small excel sample to load the data which includes the following fields:

           PatientID, --5 different patients are included

           DateOfService, -- random dates in 2012

           TypeOfServiceCode, -- values 1-6 for different visits



      I tried to use a scatter plot so show the dates on the x-axis and the TypeOfServiceCode on the y-axis.




      It worked to some degree but the issue is that the x-axis only shows the dates where the patient has a visit (reading them as text) and so there is not longitudinal spacing to show the gaps between visits. 


      I need help to get the x-axis to be a real timeline rather than a list of the visits.