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    Multiple fields in one bar chart

      Hi guys, I'm new to qlikview, so I hope you can help me out.


      Here is my objective. I got 4 fields with 200+ records in each fields, timing from 03:00 to 07:00hrs (Eg. PREPLAN_DT, DISPATCH_TIME)


      I want to create a bucket of 10mins interval. Eg. 03:00, 03:10, 03:20 . . . 06:50, 07:00


      So for each field, any records falls within the range will go to the bucket.


      My y-axis will show the count of each field.


      So 03:00 timing with have 4columns with different counts based on the fields and so on.


      I did alot of research on the net and found that I can create the bucket in dimension with something like




      =if([PREPLAN_DT] >= Timestamp#('03:00','hh:mm') and [PREPLAN_DT]<= Timestamp#('03:10','hh:mm'),'03:00',


      if([PREPLAN_DT] >= Timestamp#('03:10','hh:mm') and [PREPLAN_DT]<= Timestamp#('03:20','hh:mm'),'03:10',


      but when I put all 4 fields in 'expression' like Count(DISPATCH_TIME) and Count(PREPLAN_DT), all four columns display the same count.


      Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advanced.